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Election Rules of T-GCGTA

How T.G.C.G.T.A. Elections are conducted

TGCGTA issued election notification for 2014-2016. According to it elections are conducted.


All the primary members of unit body will elect unit executive. The unit executive or office bearers are as follows

Unit Members                                            Posts to be elected
1-10                               Unit president, Unit secretary
1-20                               Unit president, Unit secretary, Treasurer ( Woman)
1-30                               Unit president, Unit secretary, Treasurer (w), Vice president
1-40                               Unit president, Unit secretary Treasurer (w) , Vice president,
State councilor 1

If there is no women members or not interested men may be elected.

Unit elections are direct elections. Primary members directly elect unit executive or office bearers.

2)     District Executive :

Elected body of district council will be called District executive. District elections are indirect elections. Only elected office bearers of units will participate, contest and elect district executive or district office bearers.

          If a lecturer wants to contest for district president, district secretary, district treasurer he must be elected as unit office bearer ie.unit president, unit secretary, unit treasurer.

District members                          posts to be elected
1-20                               president, secretary
1-40                               president, secretary, treasurer (w)
1-60                               president, secretary, treasurer(w), vice president
1-80                               Above post and State council members for every 20 primary members

State Executive

State executive consists of Elected office bearers of General council. General council consists of the following
1.)  All the executive members of the units/colleges  in the state
2.)  All the executive members of the districts in the state

1)    one president
2)    one associate president
3)    three vice presidents
4)    one general secretary
5)    seven zonal secretaries
6)    four executive members
7)    one finance secretary
8)    one chairman
Unit president, unit secretary or any unit office bearer may contest for any of the above posts, district office bearers also contest for above posts.


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Transfers -how interested ?

During the june 1,2013- june 1, 2014 Higher education department issued 131 G.O . Out of which 100 GO s information is available from GOIR website.

out of 100 - 46 GO are related to Transfers.

To issue one FITMENT GO it is taking 4 years . so many transfer GO are issued in one year.

see the list

thank you
s.narendar reddy


Telangana special increment GO 23

Telangana special increment go 

GO NO.23. Click below link to download

Thank u


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S.Narendar Reddy
District Secretary
Cell : 9440383277
Is Rs.18,95,627-00 expenditure

needed to run GCGTA, AP union for

4 year from 2010-2014.

Dear friends ,

          I wish to inform you that GCGTA, spent Rs.18,95,627-00 to run it from 11/4/2010 to 31/01/2014. Is such expenditure affordable to union, is it legal, is it authorized by GCGTA constitution.
          It is the duty of primary member to pay union subscription. From which union expenditure is met. With this subscription union recognizes primary members. But it is also duty of primary members to see how their money is spent.
          Our union since long time running in deficit. Even central govt who has power to tax citizens passed financial responsibility act. But was not known to our union. From 2010-2014 amount collected in the form of membership fee and voluntary contributions or donations Rs.10,42,425-00. But union spent Rs.18,95,627-00 for the same period leading to deficit of Rs.8,53,202-00.

          Out of deficit Rs.8,53,202-00 rupees 3,62,960 are paid back rupees 4,90,242-00 till due. It has to be paid by GCGTA, AP and Telangana.

see the income and expenditure statements of GCGTA, AP

I wish to explain each head of account out of Rs.18,95,627-00

1.     AIFUCTO Expenditure Rs.2,01,348-00

AIFUCTO meeting 88748-00 , affiliation fee 81000-00 , advertisement rs.15000-00, state office bearers expenditure 10,000-00 Ap bhavan charges 6600-00
          I do not what benefit derived from AIFUCTO expenditure. It did not solve our single problem. AIFUCTO membership fee paid for 3350 members. But total GCGTA members who paid membership fee during 2010-2014 is 2329. This means 1021 members did not pay GCGTA membership fee but their affiliation fee also paid. Our total degree college lecturers strength may not be 3000.

2.Union office expenditure  Rs. 5,05,400-00
This includes union office mainatanance 32400-00 , office boy salary 270000, office maintancne and organizational expenditure 203000. office boy salary in recent times monthly 8000-00 equal to general secretary conveyance rs.10,000-00

          Many lecturers openly criticized that union office is always closed.  What constitutes office maintance and organizational expenditure not known to me.

3.General secretary conveyance and phone bill Rs.5,38,000-00

This includes general secretary conveyance and phone bill. He is paid Rs.10,000 conveyance.

4. Tours by state office bearers Rs.99,400-00

          This includes visits by state office bearers to different parts of the state. Union could control this to reduce deficit.

5. T.A. to state office bearers RS.60,000-00
6. Postage and Booklet Rs.53,354-00
7. Executive committee and various committee meeting Rs.79500-00
8. DTP, XEROX, Stationary, printing Rs.2,35,625-00
So much is spent on DTP, Xerox etc but no primary member knows what APSCHE formula, what adhar sinha formula.
9. Advance to president Rs.66000-00
10. web design and maitanance RS.40,000-00
11. Press meet Rs.11,000-00

Union expended nearly Rs.19,00,000-00 in four years. But nothing significant is achieved. Fitment, one time opportunity problems are not solved. Only pay band IV related minor section of union is achieved.

Whether the expenditure approved :
From the known information it is approved by state executive consists of state office bearers, district secretaries, four members elected by General council.

What is Violated :

1.     According to GCGTA constitution General council consists of all the executive members of the units / colleges in the state and all executive members of districts in the state shall approve the annual budget.
2.     In the last four years no budget copies available. Only income and expenditure statements available. State executive have no right to approve the expenditure. State executive sanction expenditure incurred by office bearers over and above budget provisions.
3.     Audit by Qualified Auditor :
According to GCGTA Constitution accounts needs to be audited by qualified auditor. I.e. Charted accountant. Income and expenditure audited by lecturer of commerce instead of Charted Accountant.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Does T-GCGTA Elections solve our Fitment Problem? 


Monday, 4 August 2014

Election notification of T-GCGTA for 2014-16


 (REGD NO.161/1986)
(Recognized by the Govt. of A.P. vide G.O.Ms.No.3 GAD (Service-C) Dt.3rd January 1966)
OFFICE: 21st Century Commercial Complex, 1st Floor, Nampally, Hyderabad – 500 001

Circular No: 01/2014-15                                                                 Date: 03-07-2014

Dear Friends,
                        The Presidents and Secretaries of our Association (State Executive Meeting) met on 03-07-2014 at Kakatiya Government College, Hanamkonda and unanimously resolved to hold elections of Unit bodies from 26th August to 28th August and elections of District Bodies on 31-08-2014 and 07-09-2014 as per the schedule enclosed further it is resolved to conduct State Body Elections on 14-09-2014.
Elections procedure and Directions to the District and Unit representatives
1) All the Unit Secretaries / Presidents are requested to convene the Unit General Body Meeting immediately and enlighten the members about the activities being pursued and the recent developments. 

2) All the Unit Secretaries are requested to collect Rs.500/- towards membership for the year 2014 and retain Rs.75/- per member at the Unit level and send the remaining amount of Rs.425/- per member to the District Secretaries concerned. The District Secretaries in turn are requested to retain Rs.75/- per member as District share and send Rs.350/- per member and send to General Secretary along with the enrollment list immediately.

3) The Unit Secretaries / Presidents are requested to collect the membership amount due, if any, from the members for the year 2013 so as to make them eligible to participate in elections in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Constitution of the Association which reads as follows: “No member shall be allowed to contest for any post either at District level or at State level, unless he / she is also a member during the immediate preceding year” (Item 6 of Article 18 of the Constitution of  GCGTA, AP).
4) The Unit Secretaries / Presidents are hereby advised to complete their unit level elections on or before 28-08-2014. Further, the Unit Secretaries are advised to send a copy of the elected office bearers to the State Body along with membership enrollment details and hand over another copy to the District Election observers at the time of District Body elections.

5) The District Election Observers are hereby advised to allow the Unit representatives to participate in the District Elections. They should ensure that the members have paid the subscription amount for the year 2013 as enshrined in the Constitution.

6) All the District Secretaries / Presidents / Election observers are hereby requested to contact the General Secretary, in the case of any doubt with regard to elections at the Unit level or at the District level.

7) All the Unit / District / State Office-Bearers / Election Observers are hereby requested to go through the Constitution of the Association carefully and see that the elections at Unit and District level are held strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Association. The General Council of our Association may take a serous note of any violation of the provisions in the Constitution.

8) The District Secretaries / Presidents are requested to send the reports on the Unit elections and District elections to the General Secretary on or before 10-09-2014 (through on line/Direct) and thereby enable the State Body to conduct State Body Elections in a smooth and effective manner.

9) The District Secretaries / Presidents are advised to make three copies of the enrollment form, keep one copy at Unit level, and send one copy to the District Secretary along with the membership amount and the other to the State Body.
10) The Zonal Secretaries are advised to get in touch with all the District Secretaries / Presidents in their respective zones and take all necessary steps for conducting Unit / District elections.
The extract of relevant provisions of our Constitution is furnished below:

Article 9 of our Constitution:

1) The Unit General Body shall consist of all the members in a college or in an institution. The General Body shall elect a President and Secretary at Unit level if the membership doesn’t exceed ten (10). For every additional ten (10) or fraction thereof, one (1) extra Office Bearer shall be elected. All the elected Office-Bearers shall constitute unit executive.

2) The District Council shall consist of all the elected Office – bearers in the various units of the District concerned. The District Council shall elect a President and Secretary, if the total membership in the District does not exceed twenty (20). For every additional twenty or fraction thereof, one (1) extra Officer-bearer shall be elected. All the elected Office-Bearers shall constitute District Executive.

In both the cases (Unit & District) the third post is “Treasurer”, the fourth post is Vice-President and the fifth onwards “State Council Members.
Every third post at Unit and District level shall be reserved for Lady Members.

3) The General Council shall consist of all the elected office-bearers at Unit and District level in accordance with Clause (1) and (2) of Article 9.
4) The State Executive shall consist of all the State office-bearers, District Secretaries and the four members to be elected by the General Council.

The General Council which consists of all the Executive members of the units in the state, and all the Executive members of the Districts in the State shall elect the following:-
1) President 2) Associate President 3) Vice-President 4) General Secretary 5 ) three Zonal Secretaries 8) Lady Secretary 9) Finance Secretary 10) two Executive Members.
            The District Council, which consists of all the elected Office-Bearers in the various units of the District concerned, shall elect the following as District Office bearers. 1) President 2) Secretary 3) Treasurer 4) Vice-President 5) State Council members.
Note:              The quorum for Unit General Body meeting is 1/3 or the strength or 10 members whichever is less and for District Council it is 1/3 of the strength or 6 members whichever is less. The notice period for the meeting is 2 days and 4 days for Unit and District respectively.
                                              ELECTION NOTICE
All the General council members (elected representatives at Unit and District level)
are here by requested to attend the General Council Meeting on 14 TH September 2014
and participate in the Election of State Office Bearers for the year 2014-16 without fail 
Venue     :  WILL BE INTIMATED LATER (Hyderabad)
Date and Time:  14th September 2014- 9A.M: Election of State Office Bearers
I request all the District Secretaries/ District presidents and Unit Secretaries/Unit Presidents to motivate all the members to become members of our Association and collect the membership subscription for year 2014 and also dues if any for the year 2013 at the earliest and strengthen the Association.
 I here with enclose election schedule of the district branches for 2014-16. I appeal all to cooperate in all activities to be pursued by state body and united as ever in thought
 and deed to get our just demands fulfilled .
                          Thanking you.  At your service,          
9866610429,                                                                                      Dr. N.V.N. Chary                 Send lists to         General Secretary

(Recognized by the Govt. of A.P. vide G.O.Ms.No.3 GAD (Services-C) Dt 3rd January 1966)
OFFICE: 21st Century Commercial Complex, 1st Floor, Nampally, Hyderabad – 500001


Elections Schedule for District Branches - 2014-2016
Name of the District Place & date of Election
District President
District Secretary
Election Observer
 Ranga Reddy
31-08-2014     at 10.30 a.m.
 GDC Hayathnagar 

 Dr. E.Yadaiah
31-08-14 at 10.30 a.m.
 Govt (w) College
B.Chandra Sekhar
Gunda Sankar
31-08-14 at 10.30 a.m. GDC, Adilabad
S.Narender Reddy
  Gunda Sankar
31-08-14 at 10.30 a.m.
 SRBGNR College
S. Koteswar Rao
Dr.V.Venkata Rama Rao
D.Satyanarayana Rao
31-08-14 at 10.30 a.m.
 NG College
A.Keshava Reddy
 Mahaboob Nagar
07-09-14 at 10.30 a.m.
MVS College 
Ch.Venkat Reddy
A.Keshava Reddy
07-09-14 at 10.30 a.m.
GDC,Khairatha bad
A .Rajender
07-09-14  at 10.30 a.m 
GDC, Siddipet

 Dr.P.Bal Reddy
 Ch.Venkat Reddy
07-09-14 at 10.30 a.m.
 Kakatiya Govt.College

 Dr.V.Venkata RamaRao
07-09-14 at 10.30 a.m.
 GOVT. Girraj College

Dr. C.Rajandra   Sagar
 T. Pratap Singh
 (REGD NO.161/1986)
(Recognized by the Govt. of A.P. vide G.O.Ms.No.3 GAD (Service-C) Dt.3rd January 1966)
OFFICE: 21st Century Commercial Complex, 1st Floor, Nampally, Hyderabad – 500 001

ENROLLMENT FORM FOR THE YEAR 2014(  in triplicate)


Cell No& mail Id

 Elected body for 2014:
Date of joining (JL )
Date of Promotion as Lec
Pay on 01-07-08
Pay on the date of promotion in JL cadre
Scale of Pay