Thursday, 20 June 2013

Refresher Course in Commerce and Management from 26.6.2013 to 16.7.2013 at ASC, AU, Visakhapatnam

Proceedings of the Office of the Commissioner of Collegiate Education
A.P., Hyderabad
Rc.No : 134/AU/ Acad. Cell/AC-1/2012. Dated: 19-06–2013
Sub:-Collegiate Education – Refresher Course in Commerce and Management from
26.6.2013 to 16.7.2013 at ASC, AU, Visakhapatnam - Nomination of Lecturers
- Information to attend - Regarding.
Ref:-1. Lr.No. ASC/F.101/2013-14, dated: 16-06-2013 of the Director,
ASC, AU, Viskhapatnam.
The Academic Staff College, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam is organizing
Refresher Course in Commerce and Management from 26.6.2013 to 16.7.2013 for
Lecturers teaching Commerce and Management in Govt. Degree Colleges. The list of the
lecturers nominated for the course is enclosed, with their place of work for the information of the
The Principal, subject to exigencies of administrative and academic duties is instructed to
relieve the lecturer in time with instructions to report at the above said venue before 9-30 AM on
the date of commencement. T.A. & D.A. for attending the said course shall be paid to the
participants by the organizers. The period shall be treated as ON DUTY. This course will
entitle the teachers to their due promotions and other service benefits.
These programs are mainly intended to improve knowledge, skills and the aptitude of the
lecturers. The Principals shall send compliance report in the name cover of Academic Guidance
Officer O/o CCE, Nampally, Hyderabad immediately.
In the case of Lecturers who have been transferred recently, the Principal
is requested to communicate the Proceedings to the concerned Principal of the
Institution without fail. However the Principals are requested to bestow personal
attention and communicate the Proceedings to the incumbent well in advance so
as to enable them to participate in Refresher Course by duly marking compliance
report to this office. By doing so care may be taken to follow the instruction of
this office sent through the mail.
For further information in this regard you are requested to contact K. Bhooma Rao on
7702344558 (Mobile).
For Commissioner of Collegiate Education
Copy to the Principal
Copy to the Individual concerned
Copy to the Director, ASC, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
List of Lecturers nominated for Refresher Course in Commerce and Management from
26.6.2013 to 16.7.2013 at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
Zone District Name of the College
Name of the
1 I Srikakulam GDC(M), Srikakulam P.P.Chandra Bose Commerce
2 I Srikakulam GDC, Amadalavalasa P.Malleswara rao Commerce
3 I Srikakulam GDC, Baruva K.Seetharamamurthy Commerce
4 I Srikakulam GDC, Ichapuram G. Srinivasa Rao Commerce
5 I Srikakulam GDC, Palakonda T.Parvateeswara Rao Commerce
6 I Visakhapatnam GDC , Chodavaram D. Srinivasa Rao Commerce
7 I Visakhapatnam GDC, Narsipatnam G Rajkumar Commerce
8 I Visakhapatnam GDC, Paderu V. Appala Naidu Commerce
9 I Visakhapatnam GDC, Sabbavaram R.Ramarao Commerce
10 II East Godavari ASDGDC(W),
P.Dhanalakshmi Commerce
11 II East Godavari GDC(A),
K. Hare Rama
12 II East Godavari GDC, Mandapeta R.Jagadish Prakash Commerce
13 II East Godavari GDC, Seethanagaram Sk.DargaMaDina Commerce
14 II East Godavari GDC, Tuni M.Srinivasu Commerce
15 II Krishna GDC Kaikaluru N Srinivasa Rao Commerce
16 II Krishna GDC, Movva K.S.G. Sucharitha Commerce
17 II Krishna GDC, Pamarru B.Sivanageswara
18 II Krishna GDC, Vijayawada L.Padmavathi Commerce
19 II Krishna GDC, Vijayawada P.V.N Murthy Commerce
20 II West Godavari GDC, Eluru K.Francis Babu Commerce
21 II West Godavari GDC, Tanuku V.K.J.Prasuna Commerce
22 II West Godavari RRDS GDC,
S Lakshmi Kantham Commerce
23 III Guntur GDC, Chebrole Ch. Sudhakara
24 IV Kadapa GDC, Rajampeta Dr. P. Venugopal Commerce
25 V Khammam GDC, Madhira Md.Yakub Commerce
26 V Khammam SR&BGNR GDC,
B.Veerabrahmam Commerce
27 City
Hyderabad Govt. City College,
Dr.J.Ratna Prabhaker Commerce
For Commissioner of Collegiate Education

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